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It is forbidden to resell any images or files on this website to a third party without prior permission, including tattoo shops.

The service allows up to 750 copies per download for use in a print run, e.g. flyers and leaflets.

P.O.S.S.E.E.S (operating as Art Drawer) own and will uphold all rights to the images on

It is absolutely forbidden to copy any image in part or whole including duplication. (See 1.2 for more information).

It is absolutely forbidden to forge any image downloaded or displayed on and including the website.

The service allows up to 750 copies per download for use in a print run, e.g. flyers, clothing and leaflets. (If you wish to print 7500 copies of a flyer containing a design, then you MUST purchase 10 copies of the download).


Check this page for detailed analogy of copyright exceptions in UK law.


Public and private displays are allowed.

Photo montages and layering of the images is allowed.

Images may only be used for books, and, TV and Film broadcasts purposes with an inclusion of thanks or thank you in the credits.

Images may be used for t-shirt designs and other articles of clothing and footwear providing the name is located some place on the clothing label.

The designs may NOT be used in a higher education establishment as an aide to teaching.

User are permitted to copy and reproduce images containing the 'art drawer' watermark to be used for artistic use.

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