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Q. How do I download a file?

A. First you have to buy an image and then you click on 'MY ACCOUNT' from the top menu and click either 'download jpg' button or 'download gif' button from the table and you will be prompted to open or save the file. Select 'save' and 'ok', and the download will start automatically.

Q. How do I obtain an image without the watermark?

A. You purchase the image with paypal and download the image.

Q. Is it safe to enter my credit or bank card details?

A. Yes - it will be actually on paypal's website. When you are asked to pay, we redirect you to a third party payment processor named paypal. This is the biggest and safest corportaion to buy online with. You must click on the 'return to merchant' link at paypal website to proceed with your order after payment.

Q. How do I buy an image?

A. Click on 'ADD TO BASKET' on the products listing page. Then click on 'BASKET' from the top menu, at which stage you may be prompted to sign in, if so after sign in click 'home' and 'BASKET' again. Review your shopping basket. You then press the 'pay now' button. After you pay with paypal, a payment confirmation page at paypal will display, at which point click on and only click on "return to merchant". You have to click on this link to complete the order. If you do not click this link, and instead just return to manualy without clicking the link, close your browser, or navigate away from this page in any way, you will not receive your downloads and you will need to contact us via email for a refund.

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